Russian Mi-28NM Helicopter Intercepts Drone for the First Time

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  • 08:30 AM, September 2, 2023
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Russian Mi-28NM Helicopter Intercepts Drone for the First Time
Mi-28N combat helicopters

A Russian Mi-28NM Night Hunter helicopter shot a Ukrainian drone on August 30, marking the helicopter's first successful drone interception.

The helicopter utilized a 30-mm airborne gun, guided by data from a ground-based air controller, to shoot down the Ukrainian drone. The Night Hunter pilot fired five bursts to destroy the UAV.

The Mi-28NM is considered to have comparable military capabilities to Boeing's AH-64 Apache combat helicopter.

Russian media claim that the Apache has no chance against the R-74M heat-seeking missile when it comes within 38 km. The Night Hunter is capable of targeting enemy cruise missiles and fighter aircraft.

On a historical note, on October 27, 1984, the Iraqi newspaper Baghdad Observer reported that an Iranian F-4 Phantom II jet fighter was shot down by a Mi-24 helicopter not far from the Ein Khosh settlement. The helicopter was flying at a low altitude, and the initial attack by the jet fighter failed. Consequently, the Iraqi pilot raised the helicopter's nose and fired a number of S-5 rockets, one of which hit the Iranian F-4 fighter.

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