Poland, Lockheed to Integrate HIMARS Launcher onto Jelcz Truck

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  • 10:53 AM, September 12, 2023
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Poland, Lockheed to Integrate HIMARS Launcher onto Jelcz Truck
PGZ and Lockheed Martin will integrate HIMARS launcher components onto a Jelcz truck for the Homar-A program

The Polish Armaments Agency has signed a framework agreement with Lockheed Martin for the Homar-A Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS).

Under the program, Polish industry will work with Lockheed Martin to integrate key components of the HIMARS rocket launcher onto a Jelcz 6x6 truck. The agreement includes technology transfer and production orders for HIMARS ammunition. Key participants from Polish industry include Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa (PGZ), Huta Stalowa Wola (HSW), WZU and MESKO.

Under the terms of the framework agreement, 486 Homar-A vehicles will be assembled in Poland, with first deliveries starting in 2026. In addition, tens of thousands of rocket ammunition missiles will be produced.

The signing took place following the International Defense Industry Expo (MSPO) where the partnership debuted the first full-scale prototype of the Homar-A MLRS launcher equipped with a munitions pod that carries 6 GMLRS rockets, each with the ability to address targets at ranges of 70+ kilometers. Homar-A will also be able to launch the ATACMS munition, which reaches up to 300 kilometers.   

Earlier this year, Poland also received its first shipment of HIMARS purchased through a United States Government Foreign Military Sale (FMS) contract. These launchers provide immediate capability and are interoperable with other defense systems used by Poland’s Armed Forces and regional allies.

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