Norway to Donate 50 Tracked Cargo Carriers to Ukraine

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  • 07:20 AM, September 19, 2023
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Norway to Donate 50 Tracked Cargo Carriers to Ukraine
M548 (NM199) tracked cargo carriers @Norway MoD

In a show of continued support for battle-ravaged Ukraine, Norway has announced its decision to donate approximately 50 tracked cargo carriers to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

This donation aims to bolster Ukraine's logistical capabilities by providing essential means to transport supplies to areas where traditional wheeled vehicles cannot tread.

Norwegian Defense Minister Bjørn Arild Gram made the announcement, highlighting the critical role these tracked cargo carriers will play in ensuring that essential goods, including ammunition, food, and water, reach Ukrainian troops stationed in challenging and remote terrain.

"These tracked cargo carriers are invaluable assets when it comes to delivering supplies to regions lacking proper road infrastructure," Defense Minister Gram emphasized. "Their ability to navigate through inaccessible terrain makes them an essential complement to wheeled trucks, especially in the context of supporting Ukrainian forces."

Internationally known as the M548, the Norwegian version is designated NM199. These vehicles have been in storage within the Norwegian Armed Forces but are now undergoing maintenance to ensure they are in optimal working condition. The donation of these cargo carriers is part of already planned projects to replace older equipment.

In addition to the tracked cargo carriers, Norway has previously donated a range of critical military assets to Ukraine, including NASAMS ground-based air defense systems and main battle tanks. Furthermore, the Norwegian government has approved the donation of F-16 combat aircraft to bolster Ukraine's aerial capabilities.

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