South Korea to Develop New Surface-to-Ground Guided Weapon-II

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  • 09:16 AM, September 20, 2023
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South Korea to Develop New Surface-to-Ground Guided Weapon-II
South Korea's Hyunmoo-2 missile system @via local media

South Korea’s Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA), led by Director Eom Dong-hwan, has announced its commitment to invest approximately 290 billion won ($218.4 million) from September 2023 to December 2027 in the development project of the Tactical Surface-to-Ground Guided Weapon-II system.

This vehicle-mounted system boasts enhanced range, penetration power, survivability, and operational capabilities compared to existing tactical surface-to-ground guided weapons in mass production. Its precision strikes can effectively target significant objectives at a distance, including enemy tunnels and defensive positions, DAPA said in a statement.

The "Tactical Ground-Guided Weapon-II System Development Project" will be undertaken under the auspices of the Agency for Defense Development, often referred to as the "Agency Research Institute." Leading defense companies will participate as prototype manufacturers in this endeavor.

At present, the prototype manufacturer is in the final stages of preparations to sign a contract with the National Research Institute, following a rigorous process involving bidding notices, proposal evaluations, and negotiations.

The Defense Acquisition Program Administration is committed to the successful execution of the Tactical Surface-to-Surface Guided Weapon-II system development project, fostering close collaboration with relevant stakeholders, including the military. This initiative aims to ensure seamless deployment and enhance the research and development capabilities of defense companies in the field of precision-guided weaponry.

Director of the Defense Acquisition Program Administration's Guided Weapons Division, Jeong Jae-jun, a senior civil servant, expressed, "The successful development of the Tactical Surface-to-Surface Guided Weapon-II represents a cornerstone of our 3-axis system's core capabilities. It significantly bolsters our capacity to counter enemy provocations and lays the foundation for future expansion of our defense industry exports. We are committed to making it a premier weapon that contributes to our growth."

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