Swedish Govt Seeks Report on Sending Gripen Jets to Ukraine

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  • 05:40 AM, October 9, 2023
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Swedish Govt Seeks Report on Sending Gripen Jets to Ukraine
Gripen-E fighter @Saab

The Swedish Government has directed its armed forces to conduct a comprehensive analysis regarding the enhancement of Ukraine's capabilities through the deployment of JAS 39 Gripen aircraft.

The Swedish military will evaluate the feasibility of providing combat aircraft support to Ukraine by November 6, 2023, in partnership with the Defense Materiel Administration. This analysis will cover the impact on Ukraine's defense capabilities and economy, as well as training provided to Ukrainian personnel in operating JAS 39 Gripens. Any support involving these aircraft will depend on Sweden's NATO membership and potential collaboration within the international F-16 coalition.

Sweden also said it has adopted a proposal for an additional amending budget, earmarking a new support package worth approximately SEK 2.2 billion for Ukraine. This comprehensive package includes artillery shells, spare parts, infantry equipment, communication equipment, and Combat Vehicle 90 ammunition, aimed at bolstering Ukraine's defense capabilities amid Russia's ongoing conflict in the region.

Since Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Sweden has been actively providing support to Ukraine through multiple military aid packages. This latest package marks the fourteenth of its kind, bringing the total value of materiel support donated by Sweden to approximately SEK 22.2 billion.

Key Components of the Support Package:

Ammunition: The support package includes a donation of 155 mm artillery shells, which are compatible with many western artillery systems, addressing Ukraine's urgent need for artillery ammunition.

Spare Parts and Ammunition: Building on the previous support, the Swedish Government proposes additional spare parts and ammunition for Combat Vehicle 90 (CV90).

Infantry Equipment: Sweden will contribute infantry equipment such as body shields, assault rifles, four-wheel all-terrain vehicles, stretchers, night-vision scopes, goggles, and winter gear to enhance the capabilities of Ukrainian armed forces.

Communication Equipment: Recognizing the importance of maintaining long-distance connections, the package also includes audio, video, and data satellite communication equipment.

Other Parts of the Support Package: The Swedish Government plans to extend its participation in the British-led Interflex and the Nordic explosive ordinance disposal (EOD) training operation until 2024. This includes training Ukrainian recruits and officers in mine clearance and providing instructors.

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