Russia's Rostec Exports Flight Booking System to Venezuelan Airline, Conviasa SA

Conviasa SA reps train on the Leonardo booking system, a Rostec and Sirena-Travel solution
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  • 01:36 PM, October 17, 2023
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Russia's Rostec Exports Flight Booking System to Venezuelan Airline, Conviasa SA

Venezuela's Conviasa SA representatives started a two-week training program for the Leonardo ticket booking system, a Rostec and Sirena-Travel collaboration.

During their visit, which spans from October 16 to 29, foreign specialists are set to receive comprehensive training, consultations, and insights into the successful implementation of the Leonardo system within Russian airlines. Additionally, the Conviasa SA delegation will have the opportunity to observe the system in action at prominent Russian travel agencies.

This visit marks the continuation of Conviasa SA's ongoing training program, which commenced on October 11 in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela. During the initial phase, representatives from RT-Project Technologies, RT-Transcom (both affiliated with Rostec), and Sirena-Travel showcased the capabilities of the Leonardo solution to Conviasa SA's management. The event drew the participation of over 150 representatives from Venezuelan airlines and travel agencies and included a detailed demonstration of Leonardo's functionalities, including ticket sales on the carrier's website, passenger check-in procedures, and modules for travel agencies. Conviasa SA's Director of Information Technology expressed high praise for the Russian digital product.

The agreement for the supply of the system to the Venezuelan air carrier was officially sealed in April 2023. The implementation of Leonardo is expected to enhance Conviasa SA's operations and bolster its presence in neighboring countries.

"Leonardo will empower Conviasa SA to expand its operations across the continent," stated Alexander Nazarov, Deputy Head of Rostec. "Our solution offers a high level of security for passenger data and is resistant to cyberattacks and hacking. Leonardo not only contributes to flight safety but also eliminates the risk of being disconnected from reservation systems due to external threats. Currently, our solution is operational in several countries, including Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, and Belarus. Our primary focus for this product is Latin America, particularly Venezuela."

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