SIATT, EDGE Group Partner, Wins Contract for Brazilian Navy's Maritime Protection

SIATT's Secure Communications Technology to Safeguard Brazil's 'Blue Amazon' Infrastructure
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  • 07:10 AM, November 24, 2023
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SIATT, EDGE Group Partner, Wins Contract for Brazilian Navy's Maritime Protection

SIATT, a Brazilian firm in which EDGE Group holds a 50% stake, has secured a contract to supply secure communications technology for the Brazilian Navy’s 'Sistema de Gerenciamento da Amazonia Azul' (SisGAAz) pilot project.

This project is a a key component of Brazil's 'Blue Amazon' maritime protection initiative. It aims to monitor and safeguard the country's entire coastal infrastructure, including marine resources, ports, vessels, and maritime structures.

The 'Blue Amazon Management System' will employ SisGAAz to provide continuous surveillance, protecting against threats, environmental disasters, and emergencies. The collaboration between EDGE and SIATT played a crucial role in winning the project over global industry leaders. Both companies will further cooperate in artificial intelligence, data fusion, coastal radar technology, and autonomous systems. They will establish an integration laboratory, communication training center, and a simulation center. The first communications tower will be located in Arraial do Cabo, east of Rio de Janeiro.

The 'Blue Amazon' initiative covers Brazil's vast coastal area, constituting 67% of the country's territory, including territorial waters, Atlantic islands, and a 200-nautical-mile Exclusive Economic Zone. This zone is crucial, handling 10% of global maritime traffic, 95% of Brazil's imports and exports, and 95% of domestic oil production.

Established in 2015 and headquartered in São José dos Campos, SIATT specializes in high-tech system integration, providing advanced solutions to defense and aerospace sectors. Their product portfolio includes intelligent weapons, radar systems, sensors, and avionics technologies integrated into various platforms like aircraft, naval vessels, and land vehicles.

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