Russia Develops 'Suitcase' Anti-drone System

The new Chistyulya complex is designed as a case
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  • 01:01 PM, November 24, 2023
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Russia Develops 'Suitcase' Anti-drone System
Russia Develops 'Suitcase' Anti-drone System

Rostec's Ruselectronics holding has showcased the compact anti-drone system "Chistyulya" for the first time, that is designed as a suitcase.

The device, weighing up to 8 kg, can be remotely controlled to safeguard the operator from radiation and missile threats targeting radio-emitting objectives. The product debut occurred at the "Army and Society" conference, organized by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

The Chistyulya complex is designed as a case measuring 34*28*17 cm. It effectively disrupts the control and navigation channels of aircraft within a one-kilometer radius, while also obstructing the transmission of photo and video data from the drone. The system features three antennas with separate frequency control, emitting a potent omnidirectional pulse.

Upon activation, the complex generates a consistent signal covering the upper hemisphere within a 1000-meter radius. Under the influence of Chistyulya, a drone may descend, hover in place, or return to its take-off point. These outcomes depend on the drone type, its settings, and the distance between the UAV and the complex or control station. Chistyulya can be powered from the mains or its built-in battery, ensuring autonomous operation for up to 100 minutes. The device incorporates an active cooling system, enabling uninterrupted functionality, Rostec said.

The Central Research Institute "Cyclone," a part of Ruselectronics, developed and manufactured the complex. Alexey Kravchenko, General Director of the Central Research Institute "Cyclone," emphasized the compact and lightweight nature of the Chistyulya complex, with the wearable set weighing no more than 8 kg. Tactical units verified the product's ergonomic parameters and ease of use during field tests.

"Against the backdrop of increasing demand for counter-UAV equipment, the holding's enterprises are actively developing new modifications. The Chistyulya complex addresses this demand with its compact design and lightweight construction. The Central Research Institute 'Cyclone' specializes in optoelectronics, encompassing thermal imaging devices, technical vision systems, and both uncooled and cooled thermal imaging channels operating across a broad spectral range,” Kravchenko.

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