Russia Forces Crash Reconnaissance Drone into Ukrainian Hexacopter UAV

First of its kind incident where a drone destroys another by crashing into it in mid-d air
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  • 08:20 AM, December 9, 2023
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Russia Forces Crash Reconnaissance Drone into Ukrainian Hexacopter UAV
Ukrainian and Russian drones used in the incident

In a first-of-its-kind incident, Russian forces brought down a Ukrainian hexacopter UAV by crashing a reconnaissance drone into it in the skies over Artemovsk.

The encounter unfolded as a UAV operator from the Russian Far Eastern Separate Guards Airborne Forces unit, returning from aerial reconnaissance, identified a Baba Yaga-type attack hexacopter employed by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The enemy drone, after dropping mines, was headed towards nationalist units' location.

With swift decision-making, a Far Eastern paratrooper intercepted the Ukrainian hexacopter by launching a drone which entered a trajectory similar to that of the Ukrainian drones and collided with the enemy hexacopter from above, causing it to fall on Russian territory.

An Airborne Forces officer, known by the call sign "Objective," explained the situation, stating, “Almost at dusk, an enemy UAV, popularly called ‘Baba Yaga,’ was spotted. It has already dropped four mines on our positions. We decided to shoot down this drone with our quadcopter.”

The drone operator, identified as Lens, made multiple attempts to damage the Ukrainian hexacopter's propellers, succeeding in one attempt, leading to the simultaneous fall of both drones.

Following the incident, a Russian evacuation group promptly retrieved the Ukrainian hexacopter, delivering it to Russian units for further study, where it now resides in a military museum.

The next day, a similar incident occurred as Far Eastern paratroopers, returning from a combat mission, identified and shot down a reconnaissance quadcopter conducting surveillance of Russian positions.

The Far Eastern paratroopers routinely utilize quadcopters for reconnaissance, enabling them to adjust artillery fire and support airborne assault troops during battles. The footage and details of these encounters were shared by Marina Krizhanovskaya and Nikolai Baranov.

Russia Forces Crash Reconnaissance Drone into Ukrainian Hexacopter UAV
quadopter drone: image for reference
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