Saab Delivers Seventh Gripen-E Fighter to Brazil

Brazil has 40 such jets on order
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  • 02:40 PM, December 14, 2023
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Saab Delivers Seventh Gripen-E Fighter to Brazil
Brazilian Gripen jet

As the new year approaches, the Brazilian Air Force welcomed its latest Gripen E fighter, delivered by the Swedish company Saab, as reported on the company's official 'X' (formerly Twitter) page.

The newly transferred aircraft, designated "4107," marks the seventh addition to the Brazilian Air Force's fleet. Referred to as the F-39E in Brazilian aircraft nomenclature, a total of 40 fighters of this type have been ordered, with the aim of bolstering the country's air defense capabilities in the region.

In a collaborative effort between Embraer and Saab, an agreement has been reached to localize the production of these aircraft within Brazil. This initiative also involves the establishment of a regional Gripen service center, ensuring timely maintenance, modernization, and integration of missile and bomb weapons developed domestically.

The current focus for the Brazilian Air Force involves receiving Gripen aircraft equipped with an integrated A-Darter missile. Concurrently, research is underway to integrate the MICLA-BR cruise missile, boasting a maximum range exceeding 300 km.

The F-39E fighters are intended to replace the aging fleet of F-5M aircraft, which is deemed outdated by current standards. The inaugural flight of the F-39E took place in December 2022, under the command of Lt. Col. Gustavo Pascotto, leading the 1st Air Defense Group.

These advanced aircraft are presently deployed within the Jaguar squadron, a component of the 1st Air Defense Group of the Brazilian Air Force.

The Ministry of Defense of Sweden and Saab have expedited the transfer of Gripen E fighters to the Swedish Air Force. A new agreement outlines adjustments to the manufacturing plans, including enhancements to functionality through the integration of new weapons. This modification stems from alterations in the 2013 contract for the purchase of Gripen E fighters, which has undergone multiple revisions, with the Swedish Air Force initially planning a comprehensive update of its existing fighter fleet.

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