Russian Forces Destroy Fortified Command Post in Embattled Avdiivka

Precision strike by Tornado MLRS using fragmented rockets
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  • 03:21 PM, January 1, 2024
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Russian Forces Destroy Fortified Command Post in Embattled Avdiivka

Russian forces have destroyed a fortified command and staff center in Avdiivka, Ukraine-a town that has been at the center of fierce fighting between the two sides in recent weeks.

Pro-Russian media claimed that the destruction was brought about by firing 9M544 rockets by a Tornado-S multiple launch rocket system from a distance of more than 100 kilometers on December 31.

The Russian military used guided missiles with a high-explosive fragmentation warhead, having a CEP of about 15 m, which are capable of piercing multiple reinforced concrete floors.

Avdiivka in Donetsk Oblast which Russia as its own territory following last year’s “referendum,” is being fiercely fought over since the beginning of December. Western media has reported heavy Russian casualties including a drone video showing bodies in Russian uniform strewn over a wide area.

Russian state-owned media RIA Novosti reported on Dec. 25 that Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu had declared the complete capture of Marinka, another suburb of Donetsk located around 30 kilometers southwest of Avdiivka.

Some other reports say Russia is slowly inching towards a full capture of Avdiivka despite suffering more human loosses than Ukraine.

Russian Forces Destroy Fortified Command Post in Embattled Avdiivka
Zelenskiy with Ukrainian soldiers in Avdiivka

Zelenskiy’s Avdiivka visit

President Volodymyr Zelenskiy visited Avdiivka on December 29, in a attempt to shore up the morale of Ukrainian soldiers. In a message posted on his Telegram channel, he said, "We discussed the defence situation and basic needs with the commander,"  The president's office later said he had given out medals to soldiers.

Russia intensified its attacks on Avdiivka in mid-October after months of counteroffensive operations by Ukraine were unable to make significant headway against dug-in Russian positions this summer.

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