BAE Systems Secures Contract to Upgrade Australian Navy Frigates' Mk 45 Systems

Upgrade aligns with U.S. Navy systems for interoperability and equips Mk 45s to integrate future extended-range munitions, including hypervelocity projectiles.
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  • 08:24 AM, January 9, 2024
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BAE Systems Secures Contract to Upgrade Australian Navy Frigates' Mk 45 Systems
Mk 45 Mod 2 naval gun system @BAE Systems

BAE Systems has been granted a contract by the Commonwealth of Australia to undertake a critical upgrade of the Mk 45 Mod 2 naval gun systems installed on Anzac class frigates.

The upgrade, involving the implementation of a Common Control System (CCS), aims to address obsolescence issues and extend the operational life of the existing gun systems.

The CCS upgrade involves the replacement of electronics on earlier Mk 45 Mod 1 and Mod 2 gun systems, ensuring compatibility with the U.S. Navy's latest Mk 45 Mod 4 configuration. This move is intended to establish commonality and interoperability with the U.S. Navy's gun systems, while also providing the upgraded Mk 45s with the capability to integrate future extended-range precision guided munitions, including the hypervelocity projectile.

Brent Butcher, the Vice President of Weapon Systems at BAE Systems, highlighted the cost-effectiveness of the Common Control System upgrade, emphasizing its role in extending the lifespan of Mk 45 gun systems. According to Butcher, this upgrade allows the systems to continue providing critical naval fires and facilitates the integration of future precision guided munitions. BAE Systems expresses its commitment to supporting allied nations by modernizing and equipping them with enhanced Mk 45 gun systems to address present and future threats.

The contractual work is scheduled to be conducted at the BAE Systems production facility in Louisville, Kentucky. The first delivery resulting from this contract is anticipated in early 2026.

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