Kremlin Offers 'No Comment' as Bild Reveals Shocking German Defense Scenario for NATO-Russia War

Bild: German MoD considering "hybrid Russian attack" on NATO's eastern flank as a hypothetical scenario.
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  • 04:40 AM, January 16, 2024
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Kremlin Offers 'No Comment' as Bild Reveals Shocking German Defense Scenario for NATO-Russia War

The Kremlin remained tight-lipped on Friday in response to a report from German newspaper Bild suggesting that Germany is formulating a potential war scenario between NATO and Russia, projected to unfold by the summer of 2025.

Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov declined to comment on the Bild report, stating, "I would not comment on this Bild report," and expressing skepticism about the newspaper's credibility. "Recently, this newspaper has regularly stooped to publishing various fake news items and canards."

Bild's article, published earlier, asserted that the German Defense Ministry is contemplating a "hybrid Russian attack" on NATO's eastern flank as one of the possible scenarios for future developments. The publication referred to a document marked "for official use only" as its source.

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova dismissed the report, comparing it to "last year's horoscope" and questioning its reliability.

According to the Bild report, the German army has developed a detailed exercise scenario for an actual war with Russia, assuming Russia's victory over Ukraine on the battlefield. The hypothetical conflict is set to escalate in February, with tens of thousands of German forces becoming involved.

The scenario suggests a series of events, including Russia's mobilization of an additional 200,000 men into the army, a large-scale offensive in Ukraine by the Kremlin in spring, and clashes on ethnic grounds in the Baltic States in September as part of the Zapad 2024 military exercises. The report also claims that Russia would move troops and medium-range missiles into Kaliningrad in October, targeting the Suwalki Gap.

In response to the Bild report, the German Ministry of Defense clarified that such exercises considering various scenarios are a routine part of military planning. The secret document in question, titled "Collective Defense 2025," is said to outline a path to conflict in detail.

Bild emphasized that the scenario is part of NATO exercises scheduled for the Baltic region in 2024. The Bundeswehr, Germany's armed forces, stated, "Looking at different scenarios, even extremely unlikely ones, is part of its military routine."

The Bild report has sparked concerns and discussions about the potential implications of such scenarios, with analysts pointing out the delicate nature of relations between NATO and Russia and the need for diplomatic efforts to prevent the escalation of tensions.

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