Germany's Quantum-Systems to Transfer 100 Trinity Surveillance Drones to Ukraine

Trinity transfer contract was signed in September 2023
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Germany's Quantum-Systems to Transfer 100 Trinity Surveillance Drones to Ukraine
Trinity drone @Quantum-Systems

German drone maker Quantum-Systems is set to receive 100 Trinity drones to war-torn Ukraine, four months after an announcement was made by the company.

The transfer of these drones is part of a contract signed in September 2023 between Quantum-Systems CEO Florian Seibel and the Mayor of Kyiv, Vitaliy Klitschko. In addition to the Trinity drones, the company is also supplying hundreds of Vector UAVs on behalf of the German government, highlighting the close cooperation between the two entities.

As part of this collaboration, Quantum-Systems announced in November 2023 that they would commence training Ukrainian drone operators in January 2024. The training program aims to equip operators with the essential skills for deploying and operating Trinity drones effectively.

The Trinity drones come in various configurations, and one of the options Ukraine will receive is the Trinity Pro, designed as a mapping drone with vertical take-off and landing capabilities. The Trinity Pro boasts a maximum airtime of 90 minutes, a flight range of 5-7.5 km, and a maximum take-off weight of 5.75 kg.

The decision on whether these drones will be deployed on the front line or utilized for other combat missions rests primarily with the Kyiv City Council, which will be the recipient of the donated drones.

In a related development, it has been reported that Sweden and Great Britain have joined the Coalition of Drones for Ukraine, bringing the total number of participating countries to four. The coalition, initially formed by Ukraine and Latvia, was established during the visit of Latvian Defense Minister Andris Spruds to Kyiv.

According to Swedish Defense Minister Paul Johnson, the coalition aims to support the Ukrainian military in the ongoing conflict, where the use of drones has proven to be a crucial element in combat operations.

As per the company’s website, the Trinity Tactical drone, based on Trinity F90+ UAS technology, provides a portable solution meeting cybersecurity and NDAA compliance. Tailored for tactical teams, it enables quick access to GIS data at the tactical edge, featuring controlled vertical take-offs, IP54 rating, and an ESC cooling system. With a 90-minute flight time, it covers 700 hectares at 17 m/s, maintaining a 1cm GSD resolution. Interchangeable survey-grade sensors include RGB cameras, multi-spectral cameras, and a LiDAR scanner, quickly exchangeable in seconds. Stored in a compact backpack, it allows tool-free assembly, operational within minutes. QBase Tactical software automates mapping, reducing operator workload. Technical specs include a 5.75 kg max take-off weight, 4,800m flight altitude, and wind tolerances from 11 to 18 m/s.

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