SSU Thwarts Russian Espionage Network: Five Agents Apprehended in Strategic Locations

Detainees include Donetsk Council Official, Zaporizhzhia Engineer, and Odesa Transportation Official who were earlier a part of pro-Kremlin groups
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  • 12:29 PM, February 5, 2024
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SSU Thwarts Russian Espionage Network: Five Agents Apprehended in Strategic Locations
Ukraine's SSU arrests an individual suspected of spying for Russia @SSU

The Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) has dismantled a s Russian espionage network, uncovering five agents operating in key regions—Odesa, Zaporizhzhia, and Donetsk.

The agents, allegedly working for the Federal Security Service (FSB) of the Russian Federation, were assigned to gather critical intelligence on Ukrainian Armed Forces.

One of the detained members turned out to be a process engineer at a Zaporizhzhia defense enterprise. The infiltrators' tasks included reconnaissance in frontline areas, identifying concentrations of personnel, military equipment, ammunition depots, and fuel and lubricant facilities.

These agents also sought to pinpoint the geolocation and operations of industrial facilities responsible for repairing heavy weaponry within the Ukrainian military's arsenal. The SSU disclosed that the infiltrators were collecting data on the aftermath of enemy airstrikes and verifying coordinates for potential Russian missile attacks.

Operating independently but reporting to a single FSB curator, the SSU claims to have identified his identity.

The detainees included an official from a Donetsk city council department, a former head of a local utility company, a Kramatorsk resident, a process engineer from the Zaporizhzhia defense enterprise, and an official from a transportation company in Odesa.

The FSB allegedly recruited these individuals after they had been members of pro-Kremlin groups on messaging platforms. To maintain secrecy, the detainees communicated through anonymous chat rooms set up by their Russian curator. The SSU seized mobile phones used for these covert communications during search operations.

The detainees have been served notices of suspicion for high treason and are currently in custody, facing the prospect of life imprisonment.

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