Russian Military Erects 30-Kilometer Defensive Wall with 2,000 Railway Cars in Donbas Conflict

DeepState Analysis Reveals Unprecedented Fortification, Posing Challenges for Ukrainian Forces
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  • 06:00 AM, February 12, 2024
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Russian Military Erects 30-Kilometer Defensive Wall with 2,000 Railway Cars in Donbas Conflict
Russian line of defense from railway cars @DeepState

Russian military has reportedly constructed a formidable 30-kilometer defensive line in the ongoing conflict in Donbas, Ukraine.

The mammoth fortification is composed of more than 2,000 railway cars and stretches continuously from the railway station in Olenivka to Volnovakha, according to a report by the DeepState analytical community.

The construction of this extensive defensive barrier commenced in July 2023, utilizing rolling stock believed to have been acquired from the temporarily occupied territories. The structure, resembling a solid wall, poses a substantial obstacle for advancing troops, creating a significant challenge for Ukrainian forces.

Satellite images provided by the Sentinel hub showcase the scale of this defensive line, emphasizing its potential effectiveness. The railway track, in some sections, is elevated with a high roadbed, transforming the defensive structure into a fully-fledged defensive shaft. Overcoming such an obstacle requires extensive engineering efforts, including the disengagement of wagons and their removal from tracks, a process that is likely to be met with resistance from Russian forces.

While the defensive line poses challenges for Ukrainian troops, it also presents logistical difficulties for the Russians themselves. Maneuverability is hindered, and advanced positions may face complications due to the massive barrier. The DeepState team describes it as a unique engineering structure, emphasizing its effectiveness as a deterrent against the advancement of defense forces.

“This is a very specific engineering structure, the effectiveness of which is difficult to assess. The idea is clear – an obstacle to the advancement of the Defense Forces. It can be considered as a separate line of defense because it is extremely difficult to damage, move, or blow up the 30-kilometer mass of metal, and the movement of equipment through such a blockage without breaking through the corridor is impossible,” notes the DeepState team.

This is not the first time the Russians have employed massive engineering barriers in the ongoing conflict. In April 2023, it was revealed that they constructed a solid 70-kilometer anti-tank ditch in Zaporizhzhia, extending from the village of Semenivka to the village of Marynivka. The military's strategic fortifications in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine have been reported on multiple occasions, indicating a continued focus on establishing robust defensive positions.

As tensions persist in the region, the international community closely watches the evolving dynamics of the conflict and assesses the implications of such extensive defensive measures on the ground.

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