Europe's Contribution to Ukrainian War Effort Greater than that of U.S.

Europe's financial, humanitarian, and military support to Ukraine surpasses that from the U.S.: DoD official
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  • 06:28 AM, February 29, 2024
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Europe's Contribution to Ukrainian War Effort Greater than that of U.S.
Shipment of Bradley fighting vehicles to Ukraine @DoD

Europe has emerged as the principal force behind Ukraine's resistance against Russian aggression, overshadowing the contributions of the United States, a top U.S. official said today.

Air Force Lt. Gen. Leonard J. Kosinski, the Joint Staff logistics director, shed light on the challenging dynamics of the conflict. Speaking at a panel hosted by the Hudson Institute in Washington, D.C., Gen. Kosinski emphasized the critical need for an increased supply of munitions to bolster Ukraine's defense capabilities.

"Sometimes you just need bullets to be able to fight against bullets and the onslaught of foes," Gen. Kosinski remarked, stressing the urgency for heightened support.

Acknowledging deficiencies in munitions production, the United States is actively addressing this shortfall. Gen. Kosinski noted the reliance on the defense industrial bases of partner nations to sustain Ukraine. Additionally, the Defense Department is investing in readiness and modernization through innovative initiatives, such as the replicator initiative, aimed at expediting the production of weapons at scale.

Jan Jires, an official with the Czech Republic defense ministry, offered a striking perspective on Europe's contributions, highlighting that a single German company currently produces more 155 mm artillery shells than the entire U.S. defense industry combined.

"The combined value of European support to Ukraine, encompassing financial, humanitarian, and military assistance, has exceeded that which came from the United States. And that's a commendable achievement," Jires affirmed, emphasizing Europe's significant impact.

However, Jires stressed the imperative for Europe to intensify its efforts, citing vital interests in the region. This sentiment was echoed by Rebeccah Heinrichs, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, who underscored the immediate need for weapons in Ukraine.

Heinrichs emphasized the broader implications, noting that passing supplemental security assistance not only benefits Ukraine, Taiwan, and Israel but also serves the interests of the U.S. industrial base. She called for a reminder to the American people that European security is intricately linked to U.S. security.

"Russia remains not only an acute threat to the American people and the United States of America but a chronic threat," Heinrichs warned, underscoring the gravity of the situation and the importance of international cooperation in the face of shared security challenges.

Just before Avdiivka's recent capture by Russia, a senior defense official cautioned that without Congress passing the Defense Department's supplemental funding request, Ukraine's defense against Russian aggression is seriously compromised.

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