European Country Orders Rheinmetall’s Skynex Air Defence Systems

The contract is valued in the lower three-digit million euro range
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  • 06:25 AM, March 2, 2024
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European Country Orders Rheinmetall’s Skynex Air Defence Systems
Truck-mounted Skynex air defense system @Rheinmetall

Rheinmetall has been granted an additional contract to supply Skynex air defence systems to a European customer.

The contract, valued in the lower three-digit million euro range, includes deliveries scheduled throughout 2025, incorporating Rheinmetall-made HX trucks, as in the initial agreement.

The Skynex air defense system employs automatic cannon-based air defense, specifically utilizing Rheinmetall's programmable 35mm Ahead ammunition, demonstrating effectiveness in short-range scenarios where guided missiles may face limitations. The ammunition is designed to operate effectively even in the presence of electronic countermeasures when deployed.

The recent deployment of the self-propelled "Flakpanzer" Gepard antiaircraft system in Ukraine provides evidence of the effectiveness of the 35mm gun-based air defense against aerial threats, particularly cruise missiles and drones.

The design of the Skynex system incorporates a concept that separates airspace surveillance from effectors, offering a modular design for flexibility in linking assets to the command-and-control network based on mission requirements. It facilitates the integration of radar equipment from various manufacturers and accommodates various advanced air defense weapons. The sole prerequisite for integration is the possession of its own tracking unit. Additionally, existing air defense systems such as the Skyshield and Skyguard families can be incorporated into the new architecture as fire units.

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