Turkey’s ASELSAN to Export Laser Guidance Kit to Qatar

The Laser guidance kit will be integrated into the MK-82 air dropped bomb
  • Defensemirror.com Bureau
  • 04:21 PM, March 5, 2024
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Turkey’s ASELSAN to Export Laser Guidance Kit to Qatar
Aselsan's Laser Guidance Kit

Turkey’s ASELSAN signed a contract today to export the Laser Guidance Kit (LGK) to Qatar which will be integrated into the Mark-82 General Purpose Bomb by the Doha-based BARQ QSTP LLC.

The contract was signed at the DIMDEX 2024 International defense fair currently being held in Doha. BARQ QSTP LLC, which was established in September 2018 with 51% shares of Barzan Holding, 48% ASELSAN and 1% SSTEK, is expected to produce the LGK under license.

Laser Guidance Kit developed by ASELSAN  transforms the 500 lb class MK-82 and the 2,000 lb class MK-84 and NEB bombs into highly reliable smart munitions in a cost-effective manner. The imported equivalent of the LGK, which is guided by a Semi-Active Laser Seeker Head (LAB), is the US-produced Laser Guided Bomb.

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