Ukrainians Target Two Russian Black Sea Fleet Landing Ships in Crimea

One-third of Russia's Black Sea Fleet destroyed since the 2022 invasion: Ukraine
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  • 09:10 AM, March 25, 2024
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Ukrainians Target Two Russian Black Sea Fleet Landing Ships in Crimea

Ukrainian defense forces executed precision strikes on Russian naval assets and infrastructure in Crimea, confirming hits on two key Russian landing ships, the "Yamal" and "Azov" Ropucha-class vessels, stationed in Sevastopol's port.

Additionally, Ukrainian Air Force operations targeted the communication hub of the Russian Black Sea Fleet and other critical installations utilized by occupying forces. The strikes were hailed by the defense ministry on social media as affirming Ukraine's sovereignty over Crimea.

Details regarding the method of attack were not disclosed, but officials appointed by Moscow in the region reported a significant assault, labeling it the most substantial in recent memory. “It was the most massive attack in recent times,” the Russian-appointed governor of Sevastopol, Mikhail Razvozhayev, said in a Telegram post.

Casualties were reported, including one fatality and four injuries, along with partial damage to transportation infrastructure, such as passenger boats and buses.

Videos shared online depicted a massive explosion engulfing Sevastopol, accompanied by plumes of black smoke, suggesting engagement with Russian air defenses.

The Ukrainian government claims to have disabled approximately one-third of Russia's Black Sea Fleet since the 2022 invasion, often utilizing covert nighttime operations employing sea-based drones laden with explosives.

Recent satellite imagery confirms a strategic relocation of Russian naval assets, with much of the fleet shifted to the port of Novorossiysk amid escalating tensions.

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