MBDA Seeks European Commission Funding for "Enforcer" Missile Production

EPIC project boosts Enforcer missile production at MBDA Germany and partner companies across Europe, expanding series production.
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  • 07:10 AM, March 29, 2024
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MBDA Seeks European Commission Funding for
Enforcer missiles

MBDA is proposing funding for the Enforcer Production Increase Campaign (EPIC) under the European Commission's ASAP programme to ramp up Enforcer missiles production.

The EPIC project aims to increase Enforcer production significantly and thus will contribute to the further enlargement of the series production of Enforcer missiles at MBDA in Schrobenhausen/Germany and at MBDA partner companies in Europe.

“The ASAP EPIC project is a great opportunity to ramp up the Enforcer missile production, while making it more resilient and faster. Series production of the Enforcer is now well under way and the first deliveries to the German Armed Forces will follow this year. Also an export contract has been concluded. We are increasing the production of Enforcer missiles to meet customer demand for the years to come,” Eric Béranger, CEO of MBDA, declared.

The portable, shoulder-launched, lightweight, high-precision Enforcer is a fire-and-forget missile system with an operational range up to 2,000m. Due to its low weight, day and night passive operation and enclosed space firing capability, Enforcer provides a capability enhancement in mobile ground operations. Enforcer provides precision effects capabilities against the threat from lightly armoured static and moving targets, targets behind cover, and against targets at long range also in urban environments.

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