Northrop Assembles Manta Ray Uncrewed Underwater Vehicle

Manta Ray is an extra-large glider UUV built for extended, long-range undersea missions, operating autonomously without on-site human logistics.
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  • 02:36 AM, April 9, 2024
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Northrop Assembles Manta Ray Uncrewed Underwater Vehicle
Full-size prototype of Manta Ray @NGC

Northrop Grumman completed assembly of a full-size uncrewed underwater vehicle (UUV) prototype known as Manta Ray, on Monday.

A new class of UUV, it is an extra-large glider that will operate long-duration, long-range and payload-capable undersea missions without need for on-site human logistics.

The Manta Ray project focuses on energy management, payload capacity, and low-power propulsion systems to enable long-duration, long-range missions without reliance on manned vessels or ports. Specific goals include developing novel energy harvesting techniques, efficient propulsion systems, and improved underwater detection capabilities. The project is structured with at-sea demonstrations to validate technologies and define objectives for future UUV systems.

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