S.Korea Launches 'Space Satellite Research Division' to Enhance Space Weapon System Quality

The division will focus on key challenges in space weapon systems, including quality control, test infrastructure development, and implementing tailored quality certification for space standards.
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  • 06:47 AM, April 15, 2024
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S.Korea Launches 'Space Satellite Research Division' to Enhance Space Weapon System Quality
SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket ahead of the launch of South Korea's second spy satellite @SpaceX

South Korea’s Defense Agency for Technology and Quality convened experts from the military, defense industry, research institutes, and academia for the first general meeting of the newly established Space Satellite Research Division under the Defense Quality Research Society (DQS).

This meeting was held at the Defense Reliability Research Center in Sangseo-dong, Daejeon, South Korea.

The primary objective of the Space Satellite Research Division is to improve the quality of space weapon systems and conduct research focused on enhancing defense space capabilities. This initiative follows South Korea's recent successful launch of its second military reconnaissance satellite, reflecting the government's strategic aim to develop independent space power and strengthen the space defense industry.

During the meeting, key agenda items included the appointment of subcommittee chairs and members, outlining major research areas of focus, and discussing future operational plans. Professor Shin-Woong Kwak from Kookmin University's Mechanical Engineering Department was appointed as the first civilian chairperson of the division.

The Space Satellite Research Division aims to address specific challenges related to space weapon systems, such as quality control measures, test infrastructure development, manufacturing and production technologies, and implementing quality certification systems tailored to space standards and orbit verification.

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