Nordic Countries Unite Against Russian "Threat"

The defense ministers of Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway signed Vision 2030, a steering document on Nordic defence cooperation going forward.
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  • 07:06 AM, May 2, 2024
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Nordic Countries Unite Against Russian
Nordic defense ministers

Defense ministers from Nordic countries convened in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands, for the NORDEFCO meeting on April 29-30, where they collectively addressed the Russian threat by signing Vision 2030.

They emphasized the persistent security risk posed by Russia to Europe and the world, underscoring the necessity for unified, collective actions to counter this threat. The ministers highlighted a historic alignment in security policy, as Finland and Sweden joined NATO, marking a pivotal moment in regional security strategy.

The Nordic countries are united in the assessment that Russia will remain a threat to European and global security for the foreseeable future. We are equally united in the understanding of the need for collective actions to counter this threat. For the first time in modern history, with the accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO, our countries have chosen the same path for our security policy,” the Nordic defence ministers said in an official statement.

In attendance were defense ministers from Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Norway, alongside Iceland’s foreign minister and representatives from the Faroe Islands and Greenland governments. Discussions encompassed the security landscape across the Arctic and North Atlantic regions, Russia's aggression in Ukraine, and NATO's role.

The meeting emphasized recent defense and security developments, with a focus on enhancing Nordic defense cooperation. During Sweden's NORDEFCO chairmanship in 2023, new political and military objectives were set to bolster intra-Nordic collaboration and relations with NATO.

The signing of Vision 2030 on April 30 outlined key priorities for Nordic defense cooperation until 2030, aiming to strengthen strategic dialogue, multinational operations, logistical support, military mobility, capability development, defense materiel cooperation, supply security, and comprehensive societal defense readiness against all threats.