Su-57 Jet Deliveries to Russian Air Force with Second Stage Engine in Near Future

All future Su-57s could be outfitted with the Second Stage engine also called Izdeliye-30 (Product 30) that promises performance to match the Stealth characteristics of the leading Russian fighter jet
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Su-57 Jet Deliveries to Russian Air Force with Second Stage Engine in Near Future
Su-57 fighter @Rostec

Russia’s Rostec State Corporation is set to deliver Sukhoi Su-57 fighter aircraft featuring the advanced Izdeliye-30 (Product 30) or Second Stage engine.

According to Rostec's press release on May 12, the Su-57 is currently undergoing testing with the second stage engine, with plans for deliveries of aircraft equipped with these new engines in the near future. “The Su-57 is undergoing tests with the second stage engine. Deliveries of aircraft with new engines are planned in the near future,” the company said.

Although not confirmed, it is anticipated that all future Su-57s will be outfitted with the Izdeliye-30 (AL-51F-1) engine, marking a crucial step towards fully realizing the stealth capabilities of the Su-57 in serial production.

Since the end of 2022, the Russian Aerospace Forces have received multiple batches of Su-57 aircraft, some featuring the new engine, promising improved thrust and supercruise capabilities.

The Izdeliye-30 engine boasts an afterburning thrust of 18,000 kgf and a maximum thrust of 11,000 kgf, resulting in a 1.2 times increase in the thrust-to-weight ratio. This enhances climb rates to 330-350 m/s and agility during maneuvers. It also elevates the service ceiling and supersonic cruising speed to 2150-2200 km/h, with a maximum speed of 2600-2700 km/h.

Su-57 Jet Deliveries to Russian Air Force with Second Stage Engine in Near Future
Izdeliye 30 @via X

The introduction of the Izdeliye-30 engine is expected to improve the fighter’s thrust, fuel efficiency, and reduce weight and maintenance requirements.

A standout feature of the Izdeliye-30 engine is its chevron nozzle, which enhances thrust efficiency, stability, maneuverability, and reduces engine noise. The addition of chevron exhaust nozzles significantly reduces the aircraft’s infrared (IR) and radar signatures, enhancing its stealth characteristics.

The AL-51F-1 (Izdeliye 30) is an advanced turbofan engine featuring a two-shaft, low-bypass, afterburning design. Noteworthy improvements over its predecessor, the AL-41F1, include glass-fiber plastic IGVs and convergent-divergent nozzles with serrated flaps to minimize radar visibility. The AL-51F-1 engine also boasts a 19% increase in thrust-to-weight ratio, a 6.4% enhancement in specific thrust, and a 9% reduction in specific fuel consumption.

In terms of power, this turbofan engine’s thrust reaches 107.9 kN (24,300 lbf) without afterburner and 166.8 kN (37,500 lbf) with afterburner engaged. Equipped with a full authority digital engine control (FADEC) system, the AL-51F-1 ensures reliability across various operational conditions.

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