QinetiQ North to deliver 235 more Ears/SWATS sniper detection systems for Afghanistan, Iraq

  • 12:00 AM, October 7, 2009
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QinetiQ North America announced today that it has been asked to deliver 235 more of its Ears/SWATS (shoulder-wearable acoustic targeting systems) sniper detection systems to the U.S. Army for use in Afghanistan and Iraq. The order is the final increment on a $10 million contract received last year by QinetiQ North America's Technology Solutions Group and will represent the broadest integration and deployment of the Ears/SWATS capability with the Land Warrior Program to date. Land Warrior is an integrated fighting system for individual infantry soldiers which is designed to enhance the soldier's tactical awareness, lethality and survivability. Systems integrated into the Land Warrior program include the weapons system, helmet, computer, digital and voice communications; positional and navigation system, protective clothing and individual equipment. The Land Warrior system is deployed by infantry and combat support soldiers, including rangers, airborne, air assault, light and mechanized infantry soldiers. Ears/SWATS sniper detection systems enable military personnel to immediately and accurately respond to hostile fire, asymmetric warfare, or all-out engagement. After only one gunshot, Ears-equipped warfighters can quickly pinpoint and eliminate the threat. More than 1500 systems are now in theater. "The Army's continuing commitment to the Ears/SWATS system for force protection and survivability is a point of pride for QinetiQ North America," said Dr. William Ribich, president of the Technology Solutions Group of QinetiQ North America. "We are honored to support the Army in the protection of our troops in the hostile and unpredictable environments of today's and tomorrow's missions". "Interviews with soldiers currently using our Ears/SWATS system in theater tell us that the device locates snipers and hostile forces significantly faster and more accurately than was previously possible and is directly impacting their mission effectiveness," added Don Steinman, Director, Product Transition for the Technology Solutions Group of QinetiQ North America.