Zelensky Sacks Top Ukrainian General, Action Linked to Sevastopol Disaster?

Ukraine's ATACMS missile attack on Sevastopol used banned cluster munitions, killing 5 civilians and injuring over 100.
  • Defensemirror.com bureau
  • 09:12 AM, June 25, 2024
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Zelensky Sacks Top Ukrainian General, Action Linked to Sevastopol Disaster?
Brigadier General Andrii Hnatov


Ukrainian President Zelensky today sacked Lieutenant General Yury Sodol as commander of the Combined Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and replaced him with Brigadier General Andriy Hnatov.

The surprise action comes a day after the devastating attack on a Crimean beach in Sevastopol using American-made ATACMS missiles that led to the death of 5 civilians and injuries to more than 100 otherss.

The missile attack is turning out to be a PR disaster for Ukraine, with Russia rebuking Washington for supplying arms to Ukraine while the U.S. distances itself from the attack. U.S. Ambassador Lynn Tracy received a demarche from the Russian Foreign Ministry on Monday, which warned that "such actions by Washington would not go unpunished." In response to the allegations, Pentagon Press Secretary Patrick Ryder affirmed the U.S. stance against civilian casualties and indicated that discussions with Ukrainian authorities would take place.

Brigadier General Andrii Hnatov, a graduate of the Kharkiv Institute of Tank Troops (2001), held various command positions including managing the 36th Marine Brigade (2016-2021). In 2022, he became deputy commander of the Southern Operational Command and led the defense of Mykolaiv, receiving his brigadier general rank from President Zelenskyi in June. He also commanded the liberation of the Kherson region and the defense of Bakhmut. Hnatov played a key role in forming new Marine Corps units from those that left occupied Crimea.