Rostec's Ruselectronics Unveils New Underwater Surveillance System for Unmanned Vehicles

The system offers monitoring capabilities for water areas, pipelines, and drilling platforms, with prototype tests completed.
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  • 05:00 AM, July 11, 2024
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Rostec's Ruselectronics Unveils New Underwater Surveillance System for Unmanned Vehicles
Rostec's video monitoring complex for underwater drones

Ruselectronics, a holding company within the Rostec State Corporation, has developed a new video surveillance system for underwater unmanned vehicles. This system is designed for monitoring water areas, underwater pipelines, and drilling platform facilities. Special software ensures clear images regardless of the vehicle's speed, and prototypes have already been tested.

The surveillance complex features a monochrome video camera with a 52-degree field of view and a resolution of 2048x1536 pixels. It also includes a powerful lamp and a control unit. The system can capture footage of objects located 2 to 5 meters away for up to 50 hours and at depths of up to 3 km. The software employs contrast-limited equalization of the image histogram, which maintains image clarity even as the drone's speed increases, reducing inspection time.

The Television Research Institute, a part of Rostec, is responsible for this development. This institute specializes in video information systems for monitoring, navigation, and control of objects, and its equipment is used in various environments, including space, land, water, and underwater.

Alexey Nikitin, General Director of the Television Research Institute, highlighted that this development addresses issues arising from sanctions that affect the supply and maintenance of foreign technical vision equipment. He noted that imported cameras, which are typically mounted outside underwater vehicles, pose challenges in difficult conditions. In contrast, the new system is integrated into the drone body, allowing for highly detailed images.

The complex has passed initial tests and received positive feedback from a potential customer.

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