French Armed Forces Receive A400M Atlas Transport Plane

This latest 24th aircraft arrived at the Orléans air base on June 25th.
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  • 08:28 AM, July 11, 2024
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French Armed Forces Receive A400M Atlas Transport Plane
A400M Atlas transport aircraft

The French Ministry of Defense today confirmed the reception of the 24th A400M Atlas transport aircraft by the Directorate General of Armaments (DGA).

Produced by Airbus, the A400M Atlas is capable of landing in adverse weather conditions and low visibility.

This latest aircraft arrived at the Orléans air base on June 25th. The A400M Atlas enables the Air and Space Force to conduct regular missions across external theaters of operation, as well as within mainland France and overseas territories, including recent deployments to New Caledonia.

Equipped with advanced airdrop capabilities, the A400M Atlas facilitates mixed loads through gravity and ejection mechanisms, alongside sequential equipment drops via axial exits, and parachutist deployments through both axial and lateral exits.

The delivery of the 24th A400M aligns with the objectives outlined in the 2024-2030 military programming law, which mandates the acquisition of at least 35 aircraft by 2030.

The A400M Atlas transport aircraft features a crew of 2, comprising pilots and a loadmaster tailored to specific mission requirements. It boasts a wingspan measuring 42.4 meters, a length of 45.1 meters, and a height reaching 14.7 meters. Powered by 4 TP400-D6 engines, each generating 11,600 horsepower, the aircraft supports a maximum take-off weight of 141 tonnes and can carry up to 50 tonnes of fuel. Operating at a maximum speed of 300 knots and cruising between Mach 0.68 to 0.72, it accommodates payloads of up to 35 tonnes, extending its reach over a maximum range of 470 nautical miles.

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