Safran group to deliver 16,454 FELIN soldier modernization systems to France

  • 12:00 AM, November 25, 2009
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French defense procurement agency DGA has placed a new order with Sagem, a Safran group company, for 16,454 FELIN integrated equipment suites for the French army. With this latest contract, France has now ordered a total of 22,588 FELIN systems from Sagem. The total value of the FELIN soldier modernization program, including development, engineering, production and initial support, is approximately one billion euros. A complete, modular and unified system for infantry soldiers, FELIN delivers a significant improvement in protection, observation, communication, engagement, mobility and support functions for front-line soldiers. FELIN features an enhanced ergonomic design, plus better protection against modern small caliber weapons. The brand-new sighting system facilitates the neutralization of adversaries day or night. Because of its enhanced observation and positioning capabilities, FELIN also considerably improves night maneuvering and combat capabilities. Sagem will deliver complete FELIN integrated systems to the French army, including a protective vest, combat gear, day/night sights for individual and crewed weapons, day/night vision and observation equipment, communications and information systems. The FELIN system is now in production, and the first French army regiment will be outfitted with these systems in the second quarter of 2010. This latest order confirms Sagem’s European leadership in soldier modernization programs, a top priority for a number of nations. Sagem also contributes to the British program FIST*, the Swiss program IMESS, and is holding preliminary discussions for a number of possible export contracts.