Astrium to deliver MILGEM2's set of sub-systems to Turkish Navy

  • 12:00 AM, February 4, 2010
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Astrium has been awarded a follow-on contract for the delivery of a second set of sub-systems to the Turkish Navy’s MILGEM satcom programme. The sub-systems will be provided by Astrium Services’ Secure Satcom Systems, through Aselsan, the prime communications contractor for the Turkish Armed Forces. In August 2009 Astrium Services’ Secure Satcom Systems successfully delivered the first set of satcom equipments to Aselsan as part of the prestigious Turkish National corvette programme. The contract forms part of the Turkish Navy’s eight to ten ship MILGEM programme, with a current order for two of Astrium’s Mini-SCOT terminals and associated below deck equipment. Aselsan, as the prime contractor for the MILGEM satcom suite, is responsible for the system design and software development of the naval terminals as well as the software development for the terminals control station. Aselan also has responsibility for.the assembly, integration and test of the terminals and the installation, acceptance, onboard testing and overall system delivery. These will operate over the acclaimed Astrium Secure Satcom Systems and Aselsan supplied Turkish Military Satellite Communications System (TMSCS). Aselsan and Astrium have previously supplied 16 sets of GEMI shipborne terminals for the Meko and Perry Class ships under the TMSCS project. TMSCS is a turnkey satellite communications solution for the Turkish Ministry of Defence. Working in conjunction with the Turkish Armed Forces Integrated Communications System (TAFICS), TMSCS provides the military satcom ground infrastructure, enabling a fully integrated tri-services communications network. MILGEM2 will gain access to this infrastructure with the provision of full communication services including voice, data and imagery transmission. The MILGEM2 equipment will be delivered during 2010 and continues to increase indigenous capability through the very successful technology transfer programme. Working with Aselsan, Astrium’s Secure Satcom Systems are totally committed to support the future MILGEM programmes and will continue to deliver capability to the Turkish Armed Forces through SSM.