Poland To Receive Additional Wolverines Under New Agreement

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  • 08:58 AM, July 18, 2013
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Poland To Receive Additional Wolverines Under New Agreement
The Polish Army will receive 307 additional AMV Armored Vehicles by 2018.

Poland recently signed an agreement with Finnish company Patria Land Systems to extend a contract until 2023 for producing more AMV armored vehicles.

The original contract which was signed in 2003 expires this year. The new agreement allows producing, selling, upgrading and modifying AMV armored vehicles, with the additional rights to service and repairing for a period upto 2052.

"It's a good deal for the Polish and the Ministry of Defence," said Adam Janik, CEO of the WZM Military Mechanical Plant, Poland after the signing of agreements on further production of wheeled APCs.

Markku Bollmann, Vice President of Patria Land Systems said that the Finnish side is very pleased with the level of negotiations and the effect for which consists of a new cooperation agreement. "Our goal is to not only continue, but also to further develop the project. The agreement is also important for Patria, for generating new jobs.”

The AMV armored vehicles are manufactured under license in WZM Military Mechanical Works in Siemianowice wheeled armored personnel carrier built by the Finnish company Patria Vehicles.

The AMV armored vehicles have been delivered to the 12 Mechanized Brigade in Szczecin, 17 Mechanized Brigade in Międzyrzecze and the Polish Military Contingent in Afghanistan. Currently, the Polish Army has a total of 570 Rosomak, and the remaining 117 vehicles will be handed over by the end of 2013.

As a result of the new agreement signed on July 12, the Polish Army will receive 307 additional vehicles by 2018. New Wolverines will go, among others, to 21 Rifle Brigade.

According to the original contract, the Polish army was to receive 690 AMV/Rosamak (Wolverine) wheeled armored personnel carriers: 313 equipped with the manned OTO Melara HitFist-30P turret, 96 of which also armed with Spike-LR missiles; 125 armed with a remotely-operated 12.7 mm gun; 78 command vehicles; 41 medical evacuation vehicles; 34 support vehicles; 23 artillery vehicles; 22 engineer vehicles; 17 chemical reconnaissance vehicles and 5 engineering reconnaissance vehicles.