Eurofighter Typhoon Technical Briefing At LIMA 2017

  • By Our Bureau
  • 11:27 AM, April 3, 2017
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BAE Systems' Aircrew adviser and Eurofighter Typhoon pilot, Paul Smith demonstrated the new Copter-E radar at the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition (LIMA) 2017.

The Captor-E Active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar being developed by the Euroradar consortium. It is a next-generation mechanical multi-mode pulse Doppler radar designed for the Eurofighter Typhoon.

The new generation of radar is intended to replace the mechanically steered antennas and high-power transmitters used on current Eurofighter aircraft with an electronically steered array This enables new mission capabilities for combat aircraft such as simultaneous radar functionalities, air surveillance, air-to-ground and weapon control.

The new radar improves the effective air-to-air missile range of the aircraft and allows for faster and more accurate detection and tracking of multiple aircraft with lower life cycle costs.

In July 2010, it was reported that the Euroradar consortium made a formal offer to provide an AESA solution for the Eurofighter. The consortium plans to retain as much "back-end" equipment as possible while developing the new radar and also stated that the inclusion of an AESA radar was an important in securing orders from foreign nations.

An initial series of flight trials with the Air-to-Surface MBDA Brimstone precision strike missile was conducted in July last year.The tests were conducted using UK Typhoon Instrumented Production Aircraft (IPA) 6 and led by BAE Systems with the support of Eurofighter GmbH, MBDA and the UK‘s Ministry of Defence.

BAE Systems' Stiker II digital helmet-mounted display system has integrated night vision cameras and target tracking technology within a fully integrated visor-projected HMD system.