Iran Upgrades 10 Su-22 Fighter Jets Domestically

July 26, 2018 @ 08:25 AM

Irans Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has upgraded 10 Sukhoi Su-22 fighter jets and will soon equip them with long-range cruise missiles having a range of 1500 kilometers. The IRGCs fighter jets will be equipped with cruise missiles with a range of 1500 kilometers, Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps...

Raytheon's StormBreaker Bomb Planned to be Integrated onto F-35 Fighter by 2022

July 18, 2018 @ 12:29 PM

Raytheon's Small Diameter Bomb II, or SDB II or StormBreaker has entered the operational testing phase followed by the completion of Operational Test Readiness Review in Spring 2018. StormBreaker will be fielded first on the F-15E Strike Eagle, and is planned to be integrated onto the F-35 Joint Strike...

US Air Force B-1B Bomber Test Launches Two Long Range Anti-Ship Missiles...

May 24, 2018 @ 10:03 AM

Lockheed Martin successfully fired two production representative Long Range Anti-Ship Missiles (LRASM) from a U.S

China Lands Long Range Bomber in Disputed Island

May 19, 2018 @ 01:18 PM

China today demonstrated its ability to operate long range strategic bombers far away from its shore by landing them in its disputed South China Sea Islands. Several H-6Ks from an unidentified aviation division, headed by division commander Hao Jianke, took off from an undisclosed air base in South China and made...

Russia’s Upgraded Strategic Bomber with New Cruise Missile to Enter Service in...

May 16, 2018 @ 02:04 AM

Russian upgraded Tupolev Tu-22M3M strategic bomber along with a new Kh-32 cruise missile will enter services of the Russian Aerospace Forces long range aviation in October. "According to the existing plan, the first Tu-22M3M with the most advanced Kh-32 long-range cruise missile will go on combat duty in long-range aviation in...

China's Su-35 Jets Participate in Bashi Channel Patrol to Deter 'Taiwan Independence'

May 11, 2018 @ 01:42 PM

Chinas Su-35 fighter jets along with H-6K bombers participated in Bashi Channel patrol in combat training and testing toprovide a deterrence to ‘Taiwan independence forces, a Chinese military expert said. "The island patrol revealed that China's Su-35 fighter jets are combat-ready

China May Have Developed Long Range Bomber

May 10, 2018 @ 11:18 AM

Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) released a video on Tuesday showcasing a new long-range bomber for the first time to the public during the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the group, local media reports. Song Zhongping, a military expert and TV commentator, told the Global Times on Tuesday that the aircraft is possibly a new long-range bomber “H-20”, similar to the US B-2 stealth bomber

Upgraded Tupolev-22M3M Strategic Bomber's First Flight in August

April 26, 2018 @ 02:29 PM

The upgraded supersonic long-range bomber Tupolev-22M3M will make its first flight in August, the CEO of the Tupolev design bureau, Alexander Konyukhov, told TASS on Wednesday. "Yes, this will happen at the airdrome of the aircraft-building plant in Kazan," he said

Chinese Su-35, Su-30 Jets Conduct Combat Exercise Over Western Pacific

March 26, 2018 @ 02:03 PM

Chinese air force pilots of Sukhoi Su-35 and Su-30 fighter jets and H-6K bombers conducted combat exercises over the western Pacific Ocean and South China Sea recently, local media reports. According to spokesman, Senior Colonel Shen Jink, the People's Liberation Army Air Force conducted the exercises in two groups

Russia to Replace Tu-160 Strategic Bomber Fleet With New Aircraft, Upgrades

March 22, 2018 @ 11:11 AM

Russia will replace existing Tu-160 strategic bomber fleet will all-new versions of the aircraft besides upgrading operational aircraft to the level of new planes. "We are going to purchase the entire fleet of our strategic Tu-160 bombers in their new version and carry out heavy upgrade of operational aircraft where only the fuselage will remain while all the onboard radio-electronic equipment and engines will be replaced

USAF B-1B Bomber Test Launches Long Range Anti-Ship Missile

March 20, 2018 @ 08:51 AM

Lockheed Martin successfully tested a production-configuration Long Range Anti-Ship Missile (LRASM) from a U.S

Russian Air Force Tests Il-76MD Transport Aircraft in Ground Attack Role

February 22, 2018 @ 09:55 AM

Crews of Il-76MD tactical transport aircraft practiced ground target bombing at ranges in the Tver region of Russia today. The piloting crews carried out firing at ground targets, which imitated light-armored and automobile hardware of the mock enemy