Israeli Army Broadcasts Intimidating Sounds via Drones to Lure & Kill Palestinians...

April 17, 2024 @ 06:40 AM

The Israeli military is employing deeply concerning tactics to intimidate, entrap, and target Palestinian civilians in the Nuseirat refugee camp of central Gaza. Reports from camp residents, shared with the

Iran Missile Attack Spikes Buyer Interest in Israeli Air Defense Systems

April 16, 2024 @ 08:20 AM

The "exceptional performance" of Israeli air defense systems in intercepting hundreds of Iranian drones and missiles has sparked international interest in these technologies. Interestingly, the Israeli MoD announced "accelerating the capabilities of the 'Arrow' system in the near term, in the face of the developing threats in the arena," in a...

Iranian Hypersonic Missiles Hit All Intended Targets in Israel: Report

April 15, 2024 @ 09:19 AM

Iran's state-controlled media has reported that all hypersonic missiles launched by Tehran struck their intended targets in Israel. According to

Its Back to School in Israel as Iranian Missile Threat Wanes

April 15, 2024 @ 07:28 AM

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Logistics Command has lifted public restrictions imposed after the brazen Iranian attack, reversing an earlier decision that had suggested the measures would remain in place until 11 p.m

Ceasefire Talks Between Israel, Hamas Stall Over Hostage Release Demand

April 10, 2024 @ 04:44 AM

Negotiations for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas have hit a roadblock as Israel demands the release of 40 hostages as a crucial condition for the proposed truce. Israeli television networks have reported on the impasse, revealing the contentious issue that has become a major point of contention in the ongoing...

Israeli Airstrike Targets Hamas Commander Hatem Alramery in Gaza

April 9, 2024 @ 10:18 AM

In a targeted airstrike carried out on Monday night, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) eliminated Hatem Alramery, a senior Hamas commander responsible for overseeing operations in the Gaza Central Camps. This operation was confirmed by the IDF on Tuesday morning

Naval Version of Israel’s Iron Dome Records First Successful Interception in Eilat...

April 9, 2024 @ 06:37 AM

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) intercepted a suspicious aerial target that entered Israeli airspace near the southernmost city of Eilat shortly before midnight on Monday, marking the first use of its C-Dome defense system, a naval adaptation of the Iron Dome. This interception was prompted by alerts about hostile aircraft in the area, following reports of missile attacks on Israeli targets by the Islamic Resistance in Iraq

Israeli Spy Drone Downed Over Lebanon by Hezbollah

April 9, 2024 @ 05:59 AM

An Israeli Hermes 900 reconnaissance drone, allegedly violating Lebanese airspace, was brought down by the Hezbollah resistance movement. The movement released a video of the drone being shot down

Israel Sacks Officers Responsible for Killing 7 Aid Workers in Gaza

April 6, 2024 @ 11:41 AM

The Israel Defense Ministry has taken decisive action following the tragic accidental killing of seven workers from the World Central Kitchen (WCK) in the Gaza Strip. The incident, which occurred on April 1 during an operation to transfer humanitarian aid, resulted in the mistaken targeting of WCK vehicles by Israel Defense Force (IDF) personnel

Iran Confirms Death of Two Generals, Five Officers in Alleged Israeli F-35...

April 2, 2024 @ 06:20 AM

Iran has confirmed the deaths of two of its generals and five accompanying officers in an alleged Israeli F-35 airstrike targeting the Iranian consulate in Damascus on April 1. The Iranian Embassy in Syria said in a statement that “F-35 planes fired six missiles at the Iranian consulate in Damascus” and that “the exact number and names of those killed will be published following the clearing-out of the rubble

U.S. Confirms Attack on USS Carney by Yemen, Disputes Houthi Claim of...

March 6, 2024 @ 08:27 AM

The Houthi movement in Yemen claimed to have targeted two American warships in the Red Sea, but the U.S

Israeli Military Spokespersons' Resignations Linked to UNRWA Report?

March 4, 2024 @ 11:36 AM

Several high-ranking Israeli military spokespersons reportedly resigned on Monday, a day after