US Navy Sailor Injured By Aircraft Being Towed on Aircraft Carrier

November 7, 2017 @ 10:45 AM

A US Navy sailor has been seriously injured after being hit by a plane in tow onboard the USS Carl Vinson flight deck during a training exercise last week. The Los Angeles Times reports the sailor was flown by helicopter to a hospital with a serious but non-life-threatening injury

US Air Force to Recall Up to 1000 Retired Pilots

October 21, 2017 @ 07:34 AM

The US Air Force plans to recall up to 1000 retired pilots to active duty following the signing of a Presidential executive order Friday. "We anticipate that the secretary of defense will delegate the authority to the secretary of the Air Force to recall up to 1,000 retired pilots for up...

Chinese Military Busts Fake Officer Scam, Arrests 270 People

October 11, 2017 @ 06:10 AM

A scam to provide fake IDs of top Chinese army ranks and personal equipment has been busted in a nation-wide crackdown that led to the arrest of 270 scamsters. China's military and public security officials have investigated and clamped down on scams that provided fake IDs for people to appear as...

Uncertainty over Eurofighter Typhoon Orders May Force Job Cuts at BAE Systems

October 9, 2017 @ 02:15 PM

BAE Systems is likely to axe more than 1,000 jobs this week following reducing orders for its flagship fighter jet, the Eurofighter Typhoon.

United States Air Force Is Short Of 1500 Pilots

September 26, 2017 @ 12:14 PM

The senior leaders of the United States Air Force discussed alternative methods of aviator training and requirement initiatives to address shortage of over 1500 pilots in its aircrew units that has left Americas aerial warfighting branch scrambling to find a way to stop decline in skilled aviators. The 2017 Aircrew Summit...

Philippines Plans To Add 35000 Army, Police Personnel, Boost Equipment

July 26, 2017 @ 01:16 PM

Philippines plans to boost its army and police commando numbers by 35000-40000 personnel besides increasing the quality and quantity of their equipment, President Rodrigo Duterte said on Monday. “I would need about 35,000 to 40,000 to meet the future threats coming our way from within and outside the country and I will start also to rearm,” the President was quoted as saying by update

Investigators Raid Korean Aerospace Industries' Premises On Swindling Charges

July 14, 2017 @ 01:48 PM

Over 100 investigators raided premises of the Korean Aerospace Industries (KAI) today looking for evidence to prove charges of inflating research and development (R & D) cost of a defence project and swindling funds. The Seoul Central District Prosecutors Office conducted the raid on the headquarters of KAI, located in Sacheon, South Gyeongsang Province, and its Seoul branch to seize materials for evidence such as hard disks and documents

US Navy To Add 'Water Separater' As Solution To T-45 Trainer's Oxygen...

June 16, 2017 @ 03:09 PM

The US Navy intends to add a water separator in the T-45's Onboard Oxygen Generation System, or OBOGS among several solutions to the cockpit air problems being experienced by pilots of the trainer aircraft. The water separator is a component common in high-performance jets but not found in the training aircraft

Retired Admiral Charged In US Navy Bribery Scandal

March 15, 2017 @ 09:54 AM

The latest development in a 3-year old corruption scandal involving the US Navy officers for selling military secrets to an Asian defense contractor, has come to attention again with the arrest of an official on Tuesday. Bruce Loveless, who recently retired, became the second admiral charged in the investigation, increasing the number of current and former officials charged to 20 in one of the Navy's worst corruption scandals, AP reported Tuesday

Chinese PLA To End House-renting, Other Commercial Activities In Three Years

January 20, 2017 @ 02:27 PM

Chinas Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) plans to end all commercial activities such as livestock production, house renting and medical services in three years, as part of the on-going military reform. Governments in provincial-level regions, including Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing and Guangdong, have set up interdepartmental teams to work with military authorities to push forward the efforts, Xinhua News Agency reports, adding that the Supreme People's Court has also established a panel to help the military deal with related legal and judiciary affairs

IAF To Modify Medical Norms For Pilots, New Applicants

November 8, 2016 @ 12:40 PM

The Indian Air Force is modifying its medical norms for pilots and new applicants by striking off a number of abnormalities or ailments from the list that deemed pilots to be medically unfit for flying. Speaking on the sidelines of the 64th International Congress of Aviation and Space Medicine on Monday, Air Marshal Pawan Kapoor, Director General Medical Services (Air), said no evidence was found that spinal deformities like Schmorl's nodes affect flying, though it was earlier thought that it may lead to fracture in case of ejection or other such situations, PTI reports

Corrupt Defence Firms To Be Blacklisted For One Year Only: New Indian...

November 8, 2016 @ 11:44 AM

Indias defense ministry approved a new liberalised blacklisting policy on Monday where armament companies suspected of corruption will be blacklisted for one year at a time, instead of the existing norm of 10 years at a go. The defence acquisitions council (DAC), chaired by defence minister Manohar Parrikar, approved the new guidelines for suspension or banning of business dealings with arms companies, which will be made public in the next few days, Economic Times reports