Junked Railway Rake Mistook for Indian ICBM

January 6, 2020 @ 11:22 AM

Images sent by Western satellites of Tinsukia Railway station where a rake had been lying below the surface was confused for an Indian Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM). The images of the rake sent from sparsely populated Tinsukia hamlet, located in the Assam state close to the Indian border, piqued the curiosity...

Northrop To Setup Satellite System to Track Advanced Missile Threats

December 3, 2019 @ 05:31 AM

Northrop Grumman has been selected to set up a satellite system to track advanced missile threats under Missile Defense Agencys (MDA) Hypersonic and Ballistic Tracking Space Sensor (HBTSS) program. “Northrop Grumman Corporation has been selected as one of four Other Transaction Authority awards for the Phase IIa Prototype Payload Design and...

Lockheed Wins $3.33Bn to Support Military Communication Satellites

November 16, 2019 @ 05:23 AM

The Pentagon has awarded Lockheed Martin $3.33 billion to support Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF), Milstar and other satellites meant to relay secure communications for the armed forces of United States, Britain, Canada, Netherlands and Australia

ISRO To Build Indian Navy's Second Satellite For $230M

July 24, 2019 @ 04:21 PM

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) will build a new communication-cum-surveillance satellite for the country's naval force after the two parties inked a $230.3 million (INR 1589 Crore) deal last month, the Indian media have reported

Raytheon, UK MoD Sign MoU on Small Military Satellites

July 23, 2019 @ 12:34 PM

Raytheon and UK Ministry of Defence signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on July 19 to join Team ARTEMIS Industry, a collaboration between government and industry formed to fast track the launch of a small satellite constellation. "In large part because of US efforts to raise the profile of military...

Russia Set to Export Three RD-180 Rocket Engines to United States

June 22, 2019 @ 10:54 AM

Russian rocket engine manufacturer NPO Energomash has prepared for export three RD-180 rocket engines to the United States “In June, representatives of Pratt & Whitney, United Launch Alliance and RD Amross signed the forms for three engines. Over the course of two weeks, representatives of the aforementioned companies carried out an external inspection of the engines and completed the required documentation,” NPO Energomash said in a release

US Air Force Awards $739M Worth Contracts For Satellite Launch Missions

February 20, 2019 @ 05:05 AM

The US Air Force has awarded multiple contracts worth total $739 million for launch missions under the Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle (EELV) program, announced Tuesday evening by the Department of defense. The first contract worth over $441 million is awarded to United Launch Services (ULS) to deliver the SILENTBARKER, SBIRS GEO-5, and SBIRS GEO-6 missions to their intended orbits

Engility Corp Wins $655M For USAF Space and Missile Systems Center Support

February 1, 2019 @ 07:19 AM

The US Air Force has awarded a $655 million worth contract to Engility Corp. for services supporting the Space and Missile Systems Center Advanced Systems and Development Directorate, Ground Systems and Space Operations Division at Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico

Russian Heavy-lift Rocket Defective

January 19, 2019 @ 10:10 AM

The engines of Russias new flagship heavy-lift space rocket, Angara A5, have a defect that can ultimately destroy the rocket itself, according to a paper published by scientists at rocket engine manufacturer Energomash. The paper, reported by RIA news agency on Friday,said the engines of the Angara A5 could produce low frequency oscillations that could ultimately destroy the rocket,

Russian Military Satellite Burns up in De-orbit Move

January 10, 2019 @ 12:55 PM

Russian military satellite, Kosmos-2430 was guided out of the orbit on January 5 and has now burned down in the earths atmosphere. "The Russian Kosmos-2430 military satellite was de-orbited in a planned manner at 09:48 Moscow time on January 5

ISRO Launches GSAT-7A Military Communications Satellite

December 19, 2018 @ 12:50 PM

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has launched the GSAT-7A, a military communications satellite, from the second launch pad of Sathish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota located in Andhra Pradesh on Wednesday. The GSLV-F11 rocket will inject GSAT-7A into a Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit (GTO) and it will be placed in its final Geostationary Orbit using the onboard propulsion systems

Vietnam to Equip Anti-ship Cruise Missiles with Russian GLONASS System

November 27, 2018 @ 02:15 AM

Vietnams license build version of Russias Kh-35 anti-ship cruise missile, KCT-15 will be equipped with Russian GLONASS system. According to Roskosmos agency head Yuri Urlichich, starting in 2023, GLONASS's orbit system will provide high-precision navigation services with six new high-elliptical orbiting satellites,