200 Vulnerabilities Spotted In USAF IT Domain By White Hat Hackers

August 12, 2017 @ 10:34 AM

More than 200 vulnerabilities to US Air Force IT domains were disclosed by white-hat hackers during a 24-day period earlier this year. The 207 vulnerabilities were found from May 30 through June 23 by US and international hackers in a federal bug bounty program involving the Air Force and HackerOne, a...

North Korea Linked to Last Year’s $81B Cyberheist Aimed at Bangladesh Central...

July 28, 2017 @ 09:04 AM

North Korea is reportedly behind hacking group, Lazarus, which has been linked to last years $81 billion cyberheist aimed at Bangladesh central bank as well as 2014 attack on Sonys Hollywood studios, according to a report by South Koreas Financial Security Institute (FSI). The new report by the FSI which analyzed...

Raytheon To Collaborate With CyberSponse To Automate Threat Detection

July 26, 2017 @ 10:16 AM

Raytheon will integrate the CyberSponse security platform with its Virtual-Security Operations Center to automate threat detection and response for its managed services customers. This technology collaboration combines CyberSponse's automated incident response and security orchestration capabilities with Raytheon's innovative Virtual-Security Operations Center, or V-SOC services, to reduce attacker dwell time in enterprises...

South Korean Military to End Surveillance of Innocent Civilians, Officers

July 23, 2017 @ 02:05 PM

South Koreas Ministry of National Defense (MND) plans to overhaul its cyber and security commands to end interference in domestic politics and surveillance of innocent civilians and military officers. The MND is proposing abolishing the security commands branch devoted to monitoring senior officers suspected of subversion and disloyalty, an unnamed official...

Qatar News Agency Hackers IP Traced to UAE

July 21, 2017 @ 03:04 AM

The Qatar ministry of interior have evidence showing that the cyberattack carried on the official media has been traced to nited Arab Emirates. The planning for the hacking of Qatar News Agency (QNA) started as early as April

Russia's Foreign Ministry Suffers Cyber Attack, Spokesperson Maria Zakharova Says

July 16, 2017 @ 01:18 PM

Russias Foreign Ministry has experienced “large-scale” cyber-attacks originating in Iran and Hungary last month, including the one on the ministry's mail server. The attacks on the ministrys mail server occurred on June 29

India To Operationalise Cyber and Space Defense Units This Week

July 14, 2017 @ 06:28 PM

Indias Defense Secretary Sanjay Mitra has revealed this week that two separate cyber and space agencies for defense will soon enter operation to protect defense-related websites from hackers. The Indian governmental defense-related websites have survived hundreds of cyber-attacks in the last few years,

Berlin To Boost Aviation Cyber Safety To Avoid Possible Warplane Hijacks

July 14, 2017 @ 11:32 AM

German military's aviation safety chief has launched a new “aviation cyber expertise” against cyber threats, in the wake of a research that revealed the possibility of hackers taking possession of military airplanes with the help of equipment that costs about 5,000 euros ($5,700). The new "aviation cyber expertise" development would cover raising consciousness about cyber threats to technical research projects and equipping aircraft with protective systems, a defense ministry spokesman was quoted as saying by

Thailand To Consolidate Work of 27 Intelligence Agencies

July 13, 2017 @ 02:30 PM

Thailands security commission has approved a reform plan aimed at improving the government's intelligence work by consolidating work of a network of 27 agencies. The security commission led by Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwon has also approved a plan to create an app to decode encrypted information classified as confidential and related to national security, The Bangkok Post reported citing a statement made by National Security Council secretary-general Thawip Netniyom Wednesday

Apple To Install Data Center In China To Comply With Latest cyber-Security...

July 12, 2017 @ 01:45 PM

Apple is partnering with an internet services firm Guizhou-Cloud Big Data Industry to install its first data centre in China to comply with communist government's new regulations that require cloud services to be operated by domestic firms. The new regulations require cloud services be operated by Chinese companies

NATO To Provide Cyber Defense Equipment To Ukraine

July 11, 2017 @ 02:16 PM

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is supplying hi-tech cyber-security equipment to the Ukraine for defending its government networks from cyberattacks. The 13th Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg said, "We are in the process of providing Ukraine with new equipment to some key government institutions

Ukrainian Software Firm Accused Of Spreading Malware

July 5, 2017 @ 05:21 PM

Ukrainian police has seized Tuesday the servers of an accounting software firm, after it was suspected of spreading a malware that hampered computers of major companies worldwide. The servers of M