Thales, CUBEDIN A/S Develop Concept that Enables Ships to be reconfigured to Suit any Mission

October 20, 2022 @ 01:14 PM

Thales and Denmark-based CUBEDIN A/S aim to create a modular flexible platform integrating Thales sensors and systems into...

Danish Test of 500km HIMARS Rocket System Worries Russia

May 26, 2022 @ 07:24 AM

A simulated launch of the HIMARS system by Denmark during Defender Europe 2022, a large multinational U.S -led...

Danish Leopard 2A7 Tanks to Head towards Poland

May 9, 2022 @ 10:04 AM

Denmarks Leopard 2A7 tanks have reportedly been seen being loaded on to ships headed for Poland at the...

Danish Defence Command to Receive First F-35 Jet Tomorrow

April 6, 2021 @ 03:51 PM

The Danish Defence Command (Forsvaretdk) under the Ministry of Defence of Denmark will take delivery of its first...

Lockheed Announces First Flight of Denmark’s F-35A Jet

March 11, 2021 @ 07:30 AM

Lockheed Martin today announced the first flight of Denmark's first F-35 Lightning II production aircraft, L-001. Denmark is the...


Denmark Orders General Dynamics-built EAGLE 4×4 Vehicles

January 2, 2021 @ 09:49 AM

The Danish Ministry of Defense awarded a CHF 46 million ($52.1 million) contract to General Dynamics European Land...

Lockheed to provide Anti-Submarine Warfare Sensors for Indian, Danish MH-60R Seahawks

August 5, 2020 @ 05:16 AM

Lockheed Martin has won a $181.7 million contract to provide Airborne Low Frequency Sonars (ALFS) to be fitted...

Denmark to Compensate 1600 Homes Near Airbase for Noise from F-35 Jets

June 12, 2020 @ 04:16 PM

As Denmark kick-starts preparations to receive its first F-35A Lightning II jet next year, it could compensate 1600...

Denmark to Integrate Kongsberg's Protector RWS On Piranha Military Vehicles

December 10, 2019 @ 08:57 AM

Danish Ministry of Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation (DALO) has contracted Kongsberg for its Protector Remote Weapon Station...

Two Arrested in Denmark for Attempting to Supply Drones to Islamic State

September 28, 2018 @ 10:10 AM

Two people were arrested in Copenhagen on Wednesday and charged with attempting to supply Islamic State with drones,...

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