AmSafe To Unveil Tarian RPG Armour System At Singapore Airshow 2014

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  • 08:25 AM, February 11, 2014
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AmSafe Bridport Limited will be showcasing its Tarian RPG Armour system for the first time at the Singapore Air show, 11-16 February 2014.

This lightweight and durable armour is fitted to a Singapore Technologies Kinetics’ Bronco. The Tarian system is currently fitted to a variety of UK military vehicles, following the company’s £10.6 Million contract awarded on February 2013.

Tarian is a highly effective solution for protection against RPGs and also the world’s lightest. Developed in close collaboration with the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD), the Tarian system has been extensively tested – including over 750 live shots – in the UK, France and the USA. This testing has verified Tarian’s high level of performance and multi-hit capability. Tarian was launched in 2009 and is currently in service fitted to a wide range of vehicles deployed by the British Army in Afghanistan.

The core element of the Tarian RPG defeat mechanism is an extremely strong textile net manufactured from high-tenacity fibres. Tarian nets are attached to vehicles using a robust flexible mounting system to withstand harsh vehicle operating conditions with low susceptibility to damage. Compared with traditional bar armour RPG protection, Tarian provides significantly improved protection performance and, being significantly lighter, enables vehicles to operate more efficiently.

At the Singapore Air show, AmSafe Bridport is taking the opportunity to announce the recent appointment of Matthew Chuter as Product Line Manager – Tarian, responsible for its global business activities. Additionally, in response to the very significant international interest in Tarian, AmSafe Bridport has expanded its UK- based sales team and its Tarian marketing team with the establishment of a dedicated North American operation (based in Erie, Pennsylvania, USA).

“The Singapore Air show is a fantastic opportunity for AmSafe Bridport to present Tarian to the Far East market. It is understandable that international interest has been growing hugely since Tarian has been proven both in rigorous trials and in theatre with the British Army,” Neal McKeever, Sales & Marketing Director of AmSafe Bridport, said.  

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