Russian Strategic Forces Receive Modernized Bombers, Missile Cruisers

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  • 09:47 AM, January 22, 2016
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Russian Strategic Forces Receive Modernized Bombers, Missile Cruisers
Tu-160 bomber (Image: Russian Military website)

The Russian strategic aviation forces have received 10 modernized bombers Tu-160, Tu-95 and Tu-22 whereas the Navy has received two strategic missile cruisers.

“We have received new means of weaponry, new missiles…We have received for the Russian Navy two new strategic missile cruisers, the Alexander Nevsky and the Vladimir Monamakh, and from the industry, we have received for the aviation strategic nuclear forces 10 modernized strategic bombers, the Tu-160, Tu-95, and Tu-22,” head of the Russian General Staff Gen. Valery Gerasimov was quoted as saying by Sputnik Friday.

The Russian strategic aviation currently consists of 66 bombers that carry an estimated 200 long-range cruise missiles and bombs. The bombers are 11 Tu-160 (Blackjack) and 55 Tu-95MS (Bear H). The bombers can carry various modifications of the Kh-55 (AS-15) and Kh-101 cruise missiles and gravity bombs.

The Russian strategic fleet includes 10 operational strategic missile submarines with SLBMs, whose missiles can carry 160 missiles with 704 nuclear warheads. Five operational Project 667BDRM submarines are based in the Northern Fleet. These submarines carry 80 R-29RM (SS-N-23) launchers. One Project 955 submarine with 16 Bulava SLBMs on board is also based in the Northern Fleet. The only remaining Pacific Fleet base hosts two 667BDR (Delta III) submarines, which carry 36 R-29R (SS-N-18) missiles and two Project 955 submarines with 32 Bulava SLBMs.

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