BAE Systems’ Active Inceptors Certified on Gulfstream G600 and G500

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  • 06:01 PM, December 5, 2019
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BAE Systems’ Active Inceptors Certified on Gulfstream G600 and G500

BAE Systems' active interceptors have earned certification on Gulfstream’s G600 and G500 aircraft.


The certifications are from the Federal Aviation Administration for the G600 aircraft and European Aviation Safety Agency for the G500 aircraft.


The company's active sticks were first certified on Gulfstream’s G500 aircraft last year.


“Our active inceptors will provide pilots of these aircraft with increased situational awareness and enable enhanced handling to maintain a safe and stable flight of Gulfstream’s G500 and G600 aircraft,” said Ehtisham Siddiqui, vice president and general manager of Controls & Avionics Solutions at BAE Systems.


Unlike a passive system, active inceptors, which are part of the controls pilots use to fly an aircraft, have electronically controlled actuators that send tactile feedback to the pilot through the stick. The feedback is programmable for specific aircraft depending on customer requirements, and can warn pilots of impending structural or aerodynamic operating limits.


One of the key benefits of active inceptors is the ability to link the pilot and co-pilot controls, so each can see and feel the other’s control inputs in real time.

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