Eurofighter to Submit Final Typhoon Jet Offer to Switzerland by August 19

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  • 07:53 AM, July 30, 2020
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Eurofighter to Submit Final Typhoon Jet Offer to Switzerland by August 19
Eurofighter Typhoon jet (image via Eurofighter on Twitter)

Team Eurofighter will have to submit its best and final offer (BAFO) for supply of Typhoon jets by August 19 in response to request for proposal (RFP) Part 2 issued by the Swiss procurement authorities.

According to Franz Posch, CEO, DS Schweiz Airbus, the type selection stage will follow the BAFO.

Referring to another section process, the HX program of Finland, John Rossall, HX Campaign Director, BAE Systems said, "We are continually developing the solution that we'll finally offer the Finnish customer and this process will go up until the end of May this year (some programme changes may result from COVID-19). Then they will produce their BAFO documentation, which we will respond to."

The two executives shared a conversation on the Swiss and Finnish procurement programs progress. The conversation was posted on the Eurofighter website on July 17.

“Sovereignty is key to our offers in Finland and Switzerland. What we are talking about is being able to assess the data you're collecting and use it to defeat threats. Eurofighter will allow you access to your data and to your sensors so you can adapt them to the threat. Essentially, it allows you to do things you need to do to gain a military advantage. If you don't have sovereign control of your data, then you've got to seriously question your ability to sustain military credibility now and in the future,” John said.

Switzerland needs to replace its ageing fleet of F-5s and F-18s, which are planned to be phased out between 2025 and 2030. The contest started with an RFP in 2018, which was focused on the capabilities they were looking for from a replacement. The country is asking for 36 aircraft in full condition, with everything included in their package. They also want to have a single price for four additional aircraft, with a budget of 6 billion Swiss francs. Switzerland is asking for an offset commitment of 60% of the purchase price.

Eurofighter to Submit Final Typhoon Jet Offer to Switzerland by August 19
Eurofighter Typhoon jet (image via Eurofighter on Twitter)

In addition to the live flying, the Swiss team carried out simulator trials in Germany and the UK, looking at a number of different weapon configurations, so they could get a feel of what's possible in different scenarios.

In January this year, the team received the RFP Part 2 which puts the focus on what it will actually deliver, and this proposal has to be delivered by August 19th — it’s the BAFO stage.  Says Franz: “That’s it until Type Selection and this will be made in Quarter 1, 2021. However, the final details on fleet sizing, weapons and mission equipment will be taken after the Type Selection.”

Finland too is looking for replacements for its F-18 fleet and delivery timescales are similar, being required between 2025 and 2030. Finland’s primary requirement is to defend its territory. John says: “Finland has identified a number of scenarios which they need to defeat. The configuration of Eurofighter we will propose, will include capabilities that are not currently on the aircraft today, but they are part of the UK RAF’s requirements and will be embodied prior to when deliveries are due to commence.”

Finland has carried out cold weather flight evaluation trials where they operated the Eurofighter at base for the week.

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