Iran Unveils Electronic Warfare, Surveillance Systems for Drones

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  • 11:13 AM, April 29, 2021
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Iran Unveils Electronic Warfare, Surveillance Systems for Drones
Iranian products revealed on April 25 @Fars

Iran on Sunday unveiled a slew of electronic warfare and other electronic systems to disrupt enemy drones and provide protection to its own drones over enemy territory.

These products developed by the Iranian Army Ground Force’s Research and Self-Sufficiency Jihad Organization were unveiled during a ceremony held Sunday.

Equipment revealed during the event include a system for drone radar warning with the capability to detect and jam airborne surveillance radars on a variety of drones, helicopters and fighter jets. Also, a system to warn of the laser beams emitted from drones was unveiled today which enjoys the capability to detect laser-guided weapons and airborne threats, short-range air defense systems, including high-powered laser destroyer, and the ability to send alerts to the drones’ ground control and guidance station, semi-official Fars News Agency reported.

Iran’s Army Ground Force also showcased micro turbojet engine which can be used in drone systems, single-seater light aircraft, wave gilders, various missile systems, and can be utilized in propulsion engines and for launching the main engines of aircraft. It provides low weight, high speed and high flight ceiling compared to piston engines, and the ability to carry cargo and increase flight duration in a variety of UAVs and using a variety of fuels are other capabilities of the system.

The next product was Tiam 1400 drone self-defense system, detection and tracing of guided radars and air surveillance of enemy drones. The system operates in all frequency bands and is capable of detecting various types of air surveillance radar signals and intelligently transmits the received signal to the jamming system.

Another system unveiled on Sunday was ‘mass flight’ network-based flight system based on artificial intelligence(AI) which consists of a leading drone, follow-up drones and a ground station that has the ability to perform online or scheduled operations. Also, missions to identify, monitor and destroy enemy ground and flying targets, appropriate operational range and flight duration, the ability to network 3 or more aircraft by using a variety of Iran-made drones, with a secure link and a completely indigenous control guidance system are other capabilities of the system.

Meantime, another product was Taha 1400, a jamming system of air surveillance radars mounted on drones which is a system with appropriate power and covers a large operational area by using directional antennas and maintains the security of various drones flying over the enemy zones; also, it is intelligent, is low in weight and voltage consumption and has the ability to be installed quickly and easily.

The next product was upgraded ground-based jamming system to confront drone threats and remotely-controlled systems by jamming their navigation system. The ability to jam most frequency bands, the ability to operate in all operational areas and battlefields, rapid deployment, duration of operation, intelligent operation and having no need to operators are the capabilities of the system.

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