Israeli UVision to Supply Hero-120 Loitering Munition to U.S. Marine Corps

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  • 01:33 PM, June 21, 2021
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Israeli UVision to Supply Hero-120 Loitering Munition to U.S. Marine Corps
Hero-120 loitering munition

Israeli company UVision has won a contract to supply Hero-120 loitering munitions for the U.S. Marine Corps Organic Precision Fire Mounted (OPF-M) System.

The system will be integrated with Light Armored Vehicle-Mortar (LAV-M), Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) and Long Range Unmanned Surface Vessel (LRUSV).

The Hero-120 OPF-M will provide the Marines Corps with ISR, highly accurate and precision indirect fire strike capabilities. In addition, UVision will supply its MultiCanister Launcher tailored to the specific requirements of the USMC and integrate onto the LAV, JLTV and the LRUSV, the company said in a release.

The Hero-120 is a mid-range, anti-armor weapon system which meets the complex requirements of the modern battlefield. Hero-120 is a high precision smart loitering munition system with a unique aerodynamic structure that carries out pinpoint strikes against anti-armor, anti-material and anti-personnel targets including tanks, vehicles, concrete fortifications, and other soft targets in populated urban areas.

The Hero-120 is the largest of the short-range systems. It carries a 4.5 kg warhead and can endure an extended flight time of 60 minutes. It weighs 12.5 kg and has a range of around 40 km.

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