Turkey's Meteksan Unveils Anti - Electro-optic/Infra-red Guided Missile System

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  • 03:28 PM, August 17, 2021
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Turkey's Meteksan Unveils Anti - Electro-optic/Infra-red Guided Missile System
Meteksan's NAZAR anti-EO/IR missile system

Turkish firm, Meteksan has unveiled its NAZAR System that provides laser soft-kill capability against Electro-optic (EO) and Infrared (IR) guided missiles.

EO/IR guided missiles are increasingly becoming threats to military bases, ammunition depots and civilian strategic facilities due to advancing technologies.

The NAZAR system has been developed with the ability to detect EO and IR guided missiles and to apply laser dazzling and soft-kill techniques directed against missiles to neutralize them from long distances.

NAZAR has been developed to not only be effective against known EO/IR guided missiles, but also to have reconnaissance and surveillance capabilities that will provide an advantage against asymmetric threats thanks to its broadband operation capability.

The system displayed during IDEF 2021 Exhibition will also be able to work in integration with other sensors and systems to increase overall efficiency.

In the first stage, NAZAR can be used on a land-based mobile platform. Following the Land System development  necessary modifications will be made to increase the Anti-ship Missile Defense (ASMD) capabilities of warships and it will be deployed to military ships.

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