Leonardo Delivers First 2 Eurofighter Typhoons to Kuwait

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  • 02:29 PM, December 15, 2021
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 Leonardo Delivers First 2 Eurofighter Typhoons to Kuwait
Eurofighter Typhoons for Kuwait

The first two Eurofighter Typhoons out of an order for 28 aircraft for the Air force of Kuwait landed in Kuwait City on Tuesday.

The Eurofighter Typhoon for the Kuwait Air Force feature a wide range of operational capabilities, built by Leonardo according to the specific requirements of the Kuwaiti Air Force.

Leonardo represents with its activities about 36% of the value of the entire programme, with its key role in the aeronautical components and the on-board electronics. Leonardo also plays a key role in the evolution of the Eurofighter thanks to the new AESA (Active Electronically Scanned Array) radar that equips the Eurofighter Typhoons for Kuwait, which increases the aircraft's performance and competitiveness.

Alessandro Profumo, Chief Executive Officer of Leonardo, said: “The Eurofighter Typhoons we have developed and produced for the Kuwait Air Force are the most advanced in the whole history of the European programme. In cooperation with the Italian Air Force we trained their pilots in our training centres in Italy, we built state-of-the-art infrastructures to support and maintain a fleet of 28 aircraft.”

The ferry flight for the first two Kuwaiti Eurofighters was made possible thanks to the Italian Air Force’s essential support, which guaranteed the “Air to Air Refuelling trail.” This was achieved through a complex operational activity, which involved two KC-767 tankers from the Pratica di Mare 14th Squadron and two Eurofighters from the Grosseto 4th Squadron Fighters which escorted the two Kuwait Air Force’s aircraft.

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