Locally Upgraded T-72M Tank Spotted in Iran’s Military Exercises

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  • 01:47 PM, December 22, 2021
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Locally Upgraded T-72M Tank Spotted in Iran’s Military Exercises
Karrar tank @Iranian state media

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC)’s Ground Force employed an advanced homegrown tank dubbed ‘Karrar’ for the first time during the ongoing massive joint military exercises.

Karrar, an upgraded version of the Soviet-era T-72M tanks, came into service during the Great Prophet 17 joint drills in the country’s southern coasts on Wednesday, state-owned Press TV reported today.

It is furnished with a camouflage system that provides concealment against thermal infrared radar detection, and can hide from heat-seeking missiles. The tank is also equipped with GPS navigation systems. It comes equipped with an electro-optical fire control system, laser rangefinders, and a ballistic computer.

The Great Prophet 17 drills kicked off on Monday, covering the coastlines of the southern Iranian provinces of Hormozgan, Bushehr, and Khuzestan.

The IRGC Ground Force’s special units practiced their defensive skills in Lark Island. They used new weapons and military equipment as well as new tactics to carry out offensive and defensive operations. After receiving intelligence on the hypothetical enemy, they hit the identified targets with heavy and semi-heavy weapons.

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