Turkey-modernized Pak Submarine Sinks Decommissioned Ship in Torpedo Trials

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  • 12:00 PM, March 24, 2022
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Turkey-modernized Pak Submarine Sinks Decommissioned Ship in Torpedo Trials
Pakistani Navy's Agosta 90B submarine @STM

Pakistan Navy’s Agosta 90B Class Submarine PNS/M HAMZA (S-139), modernized by Turkish firm STM managed to hit and sink a decommissioned frigate with a single torpedo shot.

The trial was conducted during the SEASPARK-2022 Tactical Exercise, which was held biennially by the Pakistan Naval Forces Command. PNS/M HAMZA (S-139) destroyed a TARIQ class ship (Type 21 frigate) decommissioned with a DM-2A4 torpedo shot.

PNS/M HAMZA (S-139) was modernized within the scope of Pakistan’s Agosta 90B Submarine Modernization (PADYÖM) Project and delivered to the Pakistan Navy on 29 April 2021. Under the PADYÖM Project, STM installed Integrated Underwater Command and Control (IUCCS & C2IS) System, Weapon Control (WCS) System, Sonar Systems, Periscopes (Attack and Navigation), Electronic Warfare, Radar, Ship Data Distribution System, STMDENGİZ Electronic Chart Display and Information System, Converters, Rudder System to the submarine.

STM will also be producing 4 Ada-class corvettes for the Pakistani Navy.

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