New Canopy Glass Improves Stealth Features of Russian Aircraft: Rostec

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  • 08:51 AM, March 25, 2022
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New Canopy Glass Improves Stealth Features of Russian Aircraft: Rostec

Rostec’s subsidiary Obninsk Research and Production Enterprise developed a new canopy glass to provide better stealth capabilities.

The design solution makes it possible to improve the characteristics of the cockpit glazing of aviation complexes by 20%, including reducing the visibility of combat vehicles in the radar range, Rostec said in a release.

The special properties of stealth glass are given by the thinnest films of metals and metal oxides deposited on its surface by magnetron sputtering in a vacuum installation. The upgrade of the setup increased the peak sputtering values ​​of the magnetron by more than three times, making it possible to deposit films with a much lower surface resistance. The engineering solution significantly improves the quality of the coating applied to serial aircraft glazing products, thanks to which the cockpit canopy receives improved optical characteristics and low radar visibility. These factors increase the combat potential and survivability of "stealth aircraft". 

ONPP "Technology" them. A.G. Romashina has a unique experience in the independent development and mass production of structural optics products with applied multifunctional thin-film coatings. Today, engineering and software solutions implemented by the company's specialists make it possible to create metal-optical structures consisting of 200 or more layers, each with a thickness of 0.25–0.3 nm.

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